At Nayland College we offer dance modules in the junior school right through to NCEA dance programmes up to level 3. Students are able to make the most of our purpose built performing arts centre that includes stage lighting and mirrors. A wide variety of genres are explored and students are able to work on choreographic and performance skills both individually, and in groups.

Dance Company meet weekly after school and students collaboratively choreograph pieces to perform in our school dance showcase, as well as at VAST Dance Festival each year. 

To find out more contact Jana Polglase ([email protected])


Drama is offered at all year levels. Regular events are an opportunity to present performances both within the school and the community. Opportunities to both choreograph and act are offered from year 9 onwards. The Nayland Drama Company meets weekly and is open to all students.

The Performing Arts Centre ( the PAC ) was designed and built to showcase the artistic creations of our students. The clever use of space allows us to create, rehearse and perform professionally lit shows from every genre.

To find out more contact Ross Gerritsen ([email protected])


The Nayland College music teachers are performers themselves and bring their enthusiasm and experience into the classrooms.

Regular events are an opportunity for students to perform both within school and the community. We are often invited to play at the Red Square and Honest Lawyer. Students can both choreograph and perform music from year 9 onwards. Musical lessons are offered on-site in flute, violin, cello, guitar, drums and vocal.

The Orchestra and Jazz Band are a special feature of the music programme and offer students weekly opportunities to perform together.

The cleverly designed music suite creates a physical hub that celebrates creativity and fosters a musical community.

To find out more contact Kay Mackenzie ([email protected])


With four fully equipped art rooms, a suite of computers, a darkroom, three full-time and two part-time highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teaching staff the learning experience at Nayland College is a great place if you want quality art education.

All courses at all levels place the student at the centre of their learning. Students are actively involved in selecting and creating what is important to them.

At the junior level, students learn lots of different ways to create art and are challenged to experiment in ways of seeing and recording information. They may use pencils and crayons, but might also use biros, different coloured rice, toasted bread or M&M’s! What is very important to us is that the early experiences are good ones where the student feels valued and have some say in how and what they make.

At senior level the student takes control and direction of what they produce, the method they produce it and what korero they tell. Staff advise, direct and guide students.

From Level 2 onwards students may choose to study in up to three disciplines of Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture.

Students who pursue the Visual Arts at Nayland College successfully step into further education and work. They have entered careers in architecture, fine arts, interior and fashion design, photography, film, media studies, visual communication, illustration, graphic design, makeup modelling, game development, art history and photography.

To find out more contact Diana Maskill ([email protected])

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