Year 10 Courses

All Year 10 students take the following subjects as part of their core programme: English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physical Education and Health. From 2024, these curriculum areas will be taught through a range of core modules giving students additional choice within the subjects. 

In addition to the core modules, students select SIX option modules. All modules are half-year unless specified as full-year. Please note that full-year modules count as two choices. 

When choosing Year 10 modules, it is important for students to consider what would they find interesting, what would challenge them, and what skills and knowledge they need to develop.

When selecting your year 10 courses you MUST:

Select 2 CORE modules from each subject area first

 Then select 6 OPTION modules

 Then select 1 backup CORE module from each subject area and then 3 backup OPTION modules

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