Ko te reo te tuakiri
Ko te reo tōku ahurei
Ko te reo te ora.
Language is my identity
Language is my uniqueness
Language is life

The Nayland College English programme focuses on the power of language and the fundamental idea that our identities are expressed through the language we use and the stories we tell. Students explore the ways language can shape and enrich their own lives and the lives of others. We offer a wide range of learning experiences in English to develop students’ understanding through both Making Meaning (viewing, listening, reading) and Creating Meaning (presenting, speaking, writing). 

As a partnership language in Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the Nayland College English Department is committed to embracing and enhancing students’ understanding of and confidence in aspects from mātauranga Māori and te ao Māori. These are essential aspects to the study of English in Aoteoroa. 

Literacy in English gives students access to the understanding, knowledge, and skills they need to gain success across all learning areas and to participate fully in the social, cultural, and political life of Aotearoa and the wider world.

Students explore a range of strategies to understand, analyse and produce increasingly complex and engaging texts. Learning centres around themes that have meaning in students’ lives. These themes support them to develop and broaden their understanding of the world in which they live. Through a range of texts, students engage in learning to understand their own perspectives and those of others to foster empathy and develop their awareness of the lives of others.  

The extracurricular life of the school offers opportunities for students with a strong interest in English. Nayland College students participate in writing, speaking, and debating competitions locally, regionally and to a national level.

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