The word Science comes from the Latin scientia, meaning “knowledge.”

The Nayland College Science programme investigates the world around us by applying theories, predicting, and testing. We are looking for explanations.

Teaching the Nature of Science enhances the way we observe and use evidence and understanding to make links between scientific knowledge and everyday actions and decisions.

Our specialist teaching team enable students to explore the five strands of secondary level science in years 9, 10 and 11.

Students choose to go onto an in-depth study of these in years 12 and 13. We offer:

  • Biology – living things and their interactions, including evolution, genetics and ecology.
  • Chemistry – matter and the changes it undergoes, including reactions, organics and types and properties of substances.
  • Physics – physical systems, such as forces, energy and electricity.
  • Earth and Space Science (with a Marine focus) – interconnected systems and processes of the planet Earth, our solar system, and beyond.
  • Horticulture and Primary Industries – the control and development of plants and agriculture for human benefit.

Our close relationships with the Department of Conservation at Lake Rotoiti, Richard De Hamel from the Otago University outreach programme, the Nelson-Marlborough Institute of Technology, and the staff at the Cawthron Institute ensure that students experience hands-on science.

To find out more, contact Hamish McLellan ([email protected])

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