Physical Education, Health and OED

The Nayland College Physical Education and Health programme develops a sense of personal identity and self-worth through physical effort. Resilience, empathy and an awareness of a healthy lifestyle are looked at from both a theoretical and practical basis.

The programmes in health and physical education encourage enjoyment and personal satisfaction, improve skill level and develop kinesthetic awareness through physical challenge both in individual and group situations. The contribution of physical activity to a healthy life is a cornerstone of all the programmes. Teachers are skilled in role-modelling the importance of being considerate of others’ needs, feelings and varying ability levels in individual and group situations.

Regular opportunities to mentor younger athletes, to coach and to referee at local schools are offered as part of the programme.

Our modern gymnasiums, high-performance multi-sport turf and well-set-out playing fields make participating even more enjoyable. The Sports Director and Sports Coordinator work closely with students and staff.

For more information contact Brennan Geddes ([email protected])

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