The Nayland College Technology courses offer students the chance to develop and design innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Specialist technology areas include: Wood, Metal, Product Development, Textiles, Food, Design and Visual Communication (DVC), Digital Technologies and Robotics.

Year 9 students select two half-year modules in a technology area of their choice. In Year 10, students have further opportunities to select technology modules and to explore areas that they are interested in and may wish to follow through to the senior school.

Problem solving, practical design skills and creativity are developed through a range of academic courses and industry-based vocational training pathways. These courses build key competencies, often in real-world situations.

Industry-based training courses include: Mechanical Engineering, Building and Construction and Hospitality.

For more information contact Cushla Laufkotter ([email protected]

Courses in this Learning Area

9CSC - Computer Science View
9DM - Digital Media View
9DVC - DVC Product and Spatial Design View
9FFT - Food for Thought View
9PDV - Product Development View
9ROB - Robotics View
9TEM - Technology Metal View
9TEW - Technology Wood View
9TEX - Technology Textiles View
10CSC - Computer Science View
10DM - Digital Media View
10DVC - Graphics View
10FFT- Food for Thought View
10JLY - Jewellery View
10PDV - Product Development View
10ROB - Robotics View
10TEM - Technology Metal View
10TEW - Technology Wood View
10TEX - Technology Textiles View
10WBC - Wood and Bone Carving View
1BCT - Level 1 Building and Construction View
1CSC - Level 1 Computer Science View
1DM - Level 1 Digital Media View
1DVC - Level 1 Design & Visual Communication View
1HOS - Level 1 Hospitality View
1JLY - Level 1 Jewellery View
1PDV - Level 1 Product Development View
1TEX - Level 1 Technology Textiles View
1WEN - Level 1 Workshop Engineering View
2BCT - Level 2 Building and Construction View
2CSC - Level 2 Computer Science View
2DM - Level 2 Digital Media View
2DVC - Level 2 Design & Visual Communication View
2HOS - Level 2 Hospitality View
2PDV - Level 2 Product Development View
2TEX - Level 2 Technology Textiles View
2WEN - Level 2 Workshop Engineering View
3BCT - Level 3 Building and Construction View
3CSC - Level 3 Computer Science View
3DM - Level 3 Digital Media View
3DVC - Level 3 Design & Visual Communication View
3HOS - Level 3 Hospitality View
3PDV - Level 3 Product Development View
3TEX - Level 3 Technology Textiles View